A Message to Sri Lankans

by Dr. Parviz Dehghani​

May 4, 2019

A message to Sri Lankans,

I’m sorry for the sudden and untimely death of those Christians at Church and others. Those killed and others around the world had something in common, they were all innocent. Our hearts go with all of them, who left our world so suddenly. Our prayers for their souls are perhaps the only thing we can do at this moment. We even pray for those who committed such a horrific act and we ought to forgive them, not to make us look better, but because hate generates hate. We can’t wash blood with blood. We need to bring water to wash all these bloodsheds. Religions have always taught us to unite and rise above this imperfect, relative, and impermanent world and despite all the odds, love each other. Even though this world is not fair, and we’re far away from the ultimate justice, we should have compassion and mercy for one another and replace hate with love. We must not forget those who survived the dead.

Parviz Dehghani

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