Ethics - Reading List

MERCER FALL 2021 PHI-204-010 Ethics Reading Assignment
“Fundamentals Of Ethics” by Russ Shafer-Landau 3rd Edition   ISBN: 978-0-19-977355-8
8-Sep FIRST CLASS                  
13-Sep 1. Hedonism: Its Powerful Appeal               
15-Sep 2. Is Happiness All That Matters?               
20-Sep 3. Getting What You Want                 
22-Sep 3. Getting What You Want                 
27-Sep 4. Problems for the Desire Theory               
29-Sep 5. Morality and Religion                 
4-Oct 6. Natural Law                   
11-Oct 6. Natural Law                   
6-Oct 7. Psychological Egoism                 
11-Oct 8. Ethical Egoism                   
13-Oct 8. Ethical Egoism                MIDTERM  
18-Oct 9. Consequentialism: Its Nature and Attractions             
20-Oct 10. Consequentialism: Its Difficulties               
25-Oct 11. The Kantian Perspective: Fairness and Justice           
27-Oct 12. The Kantian Perspective: Autonomy and Respect           
1-Nov 13. The Social Contract Tradition: The Theory and Its Attractions         
3-Nov 14. The Social Contract Tradition: Problems and Prospects           
8-Nov 15. Ethical Pluralism: Absolute Moral Rules             
10-Nov 16. Ethical Pluralism: Prima Facie Duties and Ethical Particularism         
15-Nov 17. Virtue Ethics                   
17-Nov 17. Virtue Ethics                   
22-Nov 18. Feminist Ethics                   
24-Nov 19. Ethical Relativism                 
29-Nov 19. Ethical Relativism                 
6-Dec 20. Moral Nihilism                   
8-Dec 20. Moral Nihilism                Give Final  
13-Dec 21. Eleven Arguments against Moral Objectivity             
15-Dec 21. Eleven Arguments against Moral Objectivity                  Final Due  
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